Youtube Services F.A.Q

100% quality and real views are guaranteed. We deliver views through various networks. Therefore, we are considered as the best social media marketing company.

We offer minimum 1000 views with each video.

Once you place your order, we will start the order within 24 hours. Delivery time details are written under the packages. Each package have different delivery time.

Through real traffic, views are generated. Therefore, views can come from different parts of world. Stress or tension must not be taken about the issue at all.

Generally, views are offered from worldwide. However, it may be possible to get views from targeted countries also.

Yes, AdSense safety is offered always with the views.

Change in the speed can be observed with each package. Therefore, millions of views can be sent in a day also. For service, you can contact through email – [email protected]

SoundCloud Services F.A.Q

Once you make an order on our website we shall include you to our database. The delivery will start within 24 hours.

Our specialists work in accordance with SoundCloud guidelines. So we assure you that your account is free of any risks of being suspended.

The length of delivery mainly depends on the package you have selected.

All the users who give likes to your music are real. So the likes given by them are real too.

Yes! We do have discounts for those who wants to buy bulk packages. Furthermore, you can make use of discounts through our coupons. Coupons you will receive as soon as you reach a higher level as a rebuyer.

We always care about the satisfaction of our customers. So, if our services do not meet your expectations you can receive 100% refund within 14 days.

We never deal with your personal information.

Facebook Services F.A.Q

We’ve never had a page banned, blocked, or removed from using our service. Social networks will not ban your account for your likes, fans, views, followers, or other public social metrics. If it was this easy to get pages banned, you could buy likes for all of your competitors to get them removed. Social networks realize this too; it would create a huge mess if this were the case. Your pages are safe.

Our standard services are worldwide likes and followers; this means you may receive users from various countries. We try to promote your page to an English speaking audience, but ultimately, we cannot control what kind of people want to like your page with this worldwide audience. The only companies that can offer this are the social networks themselves by running targeted ads.

Our campaigns are “drip-fed”; our social media services take some time, and your new following will not appear overnight. Our smaller packages take between 4 and 7 days to complete, and our larger campaigns can take 10-30+ days depending on the size of the campaign. We strive to complete our orders as quickly as possible, generally in a few days or less.

Please give us a couple of days to kick off your order, as we do have an order queue, and all pages are manually promoted. We will do our best to complete your order within the estimated delivery time on our website.

Yes! You may also run multiple campaigns simultaneously (even of the same package), should you choose to do so.

We don’t require any password or access to your accounts. All of our likes and followers are built with no admin access necessary.

Spotify Services F.A.Q

All orders start within 12-24 hours, however how long it does to complete depends on order size. Spotify followers usually take one day per thousand followers, so if you order 5 000 followers your order would complete in 5-6 days. While Spotify plays usually take one day per 2000 plays, so an order of 5 000 plays would take up to 3 days to complete.

Absolutely! We fully stand by our promise to you. If you’re hesitant, we suggest trying out our smaller packages for less than 20 dollars. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with your results and will come back for more once you give us a try!

Premium plays use only premium (paid) Spotify accounts; you will get higher royalties, faster delivery, more unique listeners, higher visibility etc. We strongly recommend choosing premium plays compared to regular plays, or at least adding some premium plays to your campaign.