We provide a wide range of services for major streaming platforms like SoundCloud, Google Plays, Spotify and Apple Music Rating.

How we do this?

Choose campaign goal

TrafficNEO is a music marketing service that uses unique methods to create ads more efficiently, which drastically improves your online marketing results. Start by choosing your campaign goal. Goals available are press coverage, email sign ups, Spotify growth, or link clicks. 📣

Come up with a special "subscribers only" offer to increase reach

People love free stuff. Whether that is a specialized podcast, webinar, coupon, concert opportunities, free song downloads, or any other targeted music advertising option to promote your music, it is solely up to you as the artist. All who subscribe to your fan list will be given the special gift. This way, you can promote your own content, products or services intermittently without needing to constantly pay for the promotion.

Boost your content with ads

Generate video content for your campaign and run ads on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger or mobile apps right from Trafficneo.cc dashboard. By using our music marketing software, you increase your potential for reaching more people and can target audiences based on interests, age, demographic, country of origin, and more. Analyze statistics within the service and reduce the cost of the subscriber every day. 🤜💥🤛

Grow Spotify audience on autopilot

With TrafficNEO.cc, you have a choice for Spotify growth and in so choosing this options, you are given a special subscription based landing page that collects and rearranges fans and customers into an easy to follow format. When user clicks on your link, a person gets redirected to our Spotify app to follow and save your content, and our service automatically checks whether this person is followed your account/saved your track/playlist/podcast/joined email list. Through its own internal algorithms, Spotify will then notice your music is seeing a lot of interaction and include your content in the algorithmic playlists as well as in editorial ones. 📣

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