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Unlock the full potential of your tracks on Audiomack with our tailored promotion packages. Whether you’re looking to boost play counts, increase profile visibility, or drive organic growth, we have a plan to fit your needs and budget. Elevate your music and expand your audience with TrafficNEO’s effective promotion strategies. Choose the right package for you and start seeing results on Audiomack today.

Play Boost


For start up

$6.99/per 1 track
  • 1K-1.5K Streams
  • Live Support
  • 250-360 Likes
  • 20-60 Re Up
  • 2 Social Shares

Visibility Pro(Popular)


For artist

$14.99/per 1 track
  • 2.8K-3.2K Streams
  • Live Support
  • 950-1.2K Likes
  • 150-230 Re Up
  • 4 Social Shares
  • 2 Playlist Placement

Growth Max


For artist

$59.99/play list
  • 9.2K-12.5K Streams
  • Live Support
  • 2.5K-4.8K
  • 180-320 Re Up
  • 8 Social Shares
  • 4 Playlist Placement
  • Personal Music Blog
  • PopUp Campaign
  • Instagram Marketing