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Enhance your SoundCloud presence with our customized promotion packages. Whether you’re seeking to increase plays, gain more followers, or boost overall engagement, we have a plan to suit your needs and budget. Let TrafficNEO’s expert strategies elevate your tracks and help you stand out in the competitive music scene. Choose the perfect package and start growing your SoundCloud audience today.

Play Surge


For start up

$5.99/per 1 track
  • 1.2K-1.5K Streams
  • Live Support
  • 260-320 Likes
  • 20-60 Re Post
  • 2 Social Shares

Follower Boost(Popular)


For artist

$10.99/per 1 track
  • 2.9K-3.5K Streams
  • Live Support
  • 480-630 Likes
  • 55-90 Re Post
  • 5 Social Shares
  • 2 Music Blog Post

Engagement Pro


For artist

$28.99/play list
  • 4.9K-5.5K Streams
  • Live Support
  • 980-1.6K Likes
  • 160-280 Re Post
  • 10 Social Shares
  • 5 Music Blog Post
  • PopUp Campaign
  • Personal Streaming Site
  • Instagram Marketing